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Drugs Addiction and Abuse – The Side of Dark Nursing

Sometime in the late ’80s to early ’90s, pharmaceutical companies started producing and marketing powerful narcotics like MS Contin. Doctors decided to start seriously treating pain. Healers by nature, it was only natural that they would want to provide any comfort they could.

Narcotic prescriptions were handed out like Chinese restaurant menus. Problems began to surface quickly. Drug abuse became more commonplace. It was no longer a thing of needles and back alleys. Now you could get high on a pill approved by the US Government, prescribed by a medical professional, and purchased at the friendly neighborhood pharmacy down the street.

How prevalent is drug abuse? In 2010, studies showed that 8.76 million people were addicted to prescription medicines. 5.3 million of those were to painkillers, with the rest being addicted to tranquilizers and stimulants.

Drugs are everywhere. Chronic pain is the new trendy thing to have. Hospitals are filling with patients calmly sitting on their beds, reading a book as they ask for something to fix their “10 out of 10” pain.

Who’s going to be there to take care of these people? You guessed it, nurses.

The nurses start out administering the meds like they are supposed to. Eventually, the ease of access to these meds becomes tempting. They’re on their third 12-hour shift, and the exhaustion and stress begin to get to them. They have several patients with narcotics prescribed as needed. None of their patients truly look like they are in pain. They really don’t need the medicine. It becomes easy to justify how much more they need it than their patients.

You’ve probably heard it said that “it gets easier with time.” That statement is usually reserved for those that are experiencing loss or heartache, but the sentiment holds true here. You take the first pill, and the next one gets a little easier.

Nurses and substance abuse

Addicts don’t always look like you think they would. I would be surprised when I would hear that one of the nurses I worked with was a recovering addict. These were awesome nurses, but my surprise at finding they were in recovery was overshadowed by the surprise at seeing them fall back into the grasp of drug abuse.

When I was first introduced to addiction, I was very naive. I looked at addiction as I would any other illness. Something to be cured. I’m a nurse, why couldn’t I help “fix” these people?

After a spiral into codependency, I emerged wiser. I now understand that addiction is a lifetime illness. There are addicts currently abusing substances, and there are addicts in recovery.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned is that relapse is a part of recovery. Nothing teaches that lesson better than pulling back the curtain in a patient’s room, to find a coworker passed out hooked up to their patient’s IV. You see a lot of crazy things in a hospital.

A lot of these nursing addicts began with legitimate pain issues. They were prescribed something that was intended to help. It eased the pain for a short while, then the pain came back with a vengeance. The next time their patient needed a dose of their pain med, the nurse might just make an “error”. The pill was dropped and “thrown away”. Thus, the cycle of addiction begins.

Addicts aren’t bad people. They have a disease, no different than if they had cancer. Diseases need treatment. The tough part is getting the addict to seek out the treatment. The decision has to be theirs.

The Benefits of Massage

Could you be Free from Pain by using massage?

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”
Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654 – 1734)

“Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”
Albert Schweitzer (1875 – 1965)

There is nothing new under the Sun.

Even today, with all our experiences and technologies we are not valuing our health until sickness comes.
Strangely enough, people are not looking at how to prevent sickness, they are only looking at how to cure the illness.
It is no secret in the sales profession that it is easier to sell a cure
than a prevention.
An interesting fact that many, many centuries ago in China, emperor’s doctors were rewarded if the emperor wasn’t sick and punished if the emperor became ill.
So, most of the time, doctors practice preventative medicine.
Today, in the fast food world, not many people want to think about
I would like to expand and talk about one specific subject to start with:


What is massage?

What do we know about massage?

What are the benefits of massage?

How can massage help you to prevent sickness?

How can massage help you to cure illness?

Massage is a mechanical systematic form of therapy, usually by hand in which the soft tissues are made more pliable.

A method of manipulation of pressure on, or friction against skin,
muscles, or joints by stroking, rubbing, pinching, kneading, tapping,
pounding, vibrating or stimulating etc …

This can be done with the hands, or with the aid of any mechanical electrical apparatus, or appliances with, or without, rubbing alcohol, liniments, antiseptics, oils, powder, creams, lotions, ointments, or other similar preparations that can be helpful in promoting increased blood flow, lymphatic and healing.

Massage invigorates or relaxes the muscles spasm, producing relaxation, alleviates pain, elimination of metabolic waste products and toxins, relieves stress, tension and discomfort as well.
Other benefits consist of releasing of endorphins (the bodies natural
pain killers) which allows relaxation and promotes self healing. Massage can help with both muscle pain and stress-related conditions. Several different techniques that are believed to help not only improve blood circulation but also digestion, increase mobility in joints and reduce stiffness, swelling and inflammation.

Over 80 types of massage are in use today. Various forms include:
acupressure, athletic, polarity, reflexology, shiatsu, sports, Swedish etc …

Massage has been known from ancient times. In Egypt, frescoes were discovered with scenes where massage was given with stones heated under the sun .

The benefits of massage are many. If you get a massage you will improve your blood circulation, organ functions, provide stress relief, remove unwanted fluids from your system, allow for athletic recovery from physical activities, make your skin more supple and elastic to list a few and many more could be displayed here, but this is not the purpose of this article.

Why not try a massage on your kids, parents, or partner?

Just for fun to start with.

What does a mother do when her child is crying?

Right, you got it: cuddle and gently stroke.

I will go into more detail in the next articles, and will include information
about acupuncture massage as well.

To Your Health and Happiness!
Vadim Struzman

How to Become a Massage Therapist – Professional and Successful

Do you believe in or enjoy high level of personal interaction and helping people, while also gaining fantastic earning potential? This is the perfect article for all you folks who consider becoming a massage therapist.

The main aim of the professional therapist is to help people by relieving them from pain, stress and healing injuries. To gain an in-depth knowledge about various massages and the stress relievers, get yourself several massages done. You will have an opportunity to observe the best techniques used and its importance.

There are many things that you need to consider and study aspects of to become a professional massage therapist. Let us review them:

• First of all find out the reason out on why you want to become a massage therapist.
• Therapists need to be very patient and understand the concern of each person who chooses to get a massage done.
• Ethical physical and mental guidelines of the profession.
• Try and communicate with the massage therapists that you already know and get a mentor, who can help you in building the strong foundation
• Do several researches on massage and its therapies and various types of massage that are known
• Consider the specialty massage that interests and comforts you, be it relaxation massage, sports massage, Swedish massage or deep tissue massage

There are various schools that offer complete training program. Choose a suitable school that leads to certification and the one that abides by your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements. Most of these professional schools also offer financial assistance like federal student loan. These schools require a minimum high school degree and also a personal interview before the selection.

The other advantage of these schools is that they organize internships with a local massage practice, so that you earn a valuable amount of practical experience. Depending on your choice of specialization study, the schools will also award a specialty certification or a degree. Once this is done, try and take this education to the next level by getting yourself enrolled into an Associate Degree of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Massage Therapy. This program will throw more light into the advanced concepts and techniques used in medical massage, energy healing and many more. This associate degree will qualify you to service in all areas of massage- both clinical and medical.

Additionally, there are several other ways to enhance professional growth of a massage therapist by researching and reading books on new techniques, types of body work and volunteer massage services to others. This is one of the great methods to initiate in building customers to get practical skills. Volunteer customers may include family, friends or even community organizations in your own area.

This is some of the basic information required to grow as a successful massage therapist. This profession takes the ability for working and interacting with people, however the end result is a rewarding career in a massage therapy. An acquaintance with professional, jurisdictional education or licensing requirements and the right guidance is the key to successful massage therapist. Continuous enhancement and improvement in terms of education, practice and structuring qualifications will not only uphold that success but will boost and amplify it. This career depends on your commitment and your obsession for massage, health and healing.

Buying Coloured Contact Lenses

With that said, it is advisable to follow certain guidelines when buying these products in order to preserve the health and safety of the eyes. The General Optical Council has provided its own information about these products in order for consumers to make the best and most informed decisions.

The Council has warned that lenses must be dispensed in the presence of a medical practitioner or an optician – as required by law – however these items are still available freely online. As with many contact lenses, coloured ones stores can be purchased bypassing this legal medical standard, but experts argue that this is putting eye health at risk.

One of the solutions for this is going to you local optician in order to see the products that they have available. Due to the growing popularity of coloured contact lenses, many major and highly reputable brands are now creating these products. Indeed, this is a way of balancing eye safety and health with cosmetic enhancement, so it is a win-win situation.

This can help reduce the instances of corneal infections and ulcers, which can seriously impair vision in the short and the long term according to the General Optical Council. Therefore, if you are looking for cosmetic contact lenses, coloured ones high street opticians can be argued to be a much safer choice.

Despite the fact that many major contact lens brands are making these coloured lenses available in many high street opticians’ stores, it is possible that many people will find that these products are not to their tastes and are looking for different, more creative products as they have seen worn by their favourite beauty and fashion role models.

In this case, there is another solution, and that is to take the details of these products to your optician and ask them for their expert advice and opinion on whether nor not they are suitable for your eyes. In many cases, they will be able to tell you which products are a good idea and which are not.

Furthermore, they may be able to give you guidance on the type of product that you should be looking for in order to maintain the health of your eyes, whether that is a breathable lens or one made from a certain, healthier material. In all cases, expert advice is essential to ensure that you maintain your eye health as much as possible.

It is also important to remember that contact lenses should be personally fitted to individuals, in accordance with the shape of their eye. This is another reason to get
professional guidance before making a purchase, whether online or elsewhere.

Thankfully, these legal parameters make it harder to obtain products that are not healthy for the eye, and promote the wearing of medically approved lenses through professional and experienced opticians. This can help protect the vision of those who would like to wear these products on a regular basis.

Furthermore, for those looking for cosmetic contact lenses, coloured ones from opticians are slowly but steadily growing in the variety available, meaning that it will soon be possible to obtain a number of colourful and varied products legally from qualified opticians so that they can wear great cosmetic lenses without having to worry about sacrificing their eye health.